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07 July 2010 @ 01:30 pm
The US has made Alpha Dog a hit and Bentley Jones went along with this unplanned awesomeness! XD
The single is now released on Itunes since July 5th.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Alpha Dog (Phunkstar Radio Remix)
2. Alpha Dog (Original Version)
3. Alpha Dog (Phunkstar Vocal Remix)
4. Alpha Dog (Extended Version)
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Taken from his website:

Further details of Bentley's new project "WE Я ANIMADE" have been revealed. The album marks a new Japanese deal following his debut album TRANS//LATION which spawned the top 5 single FINAL NIGHT, and Bentley has promised that "fans of anisong are going to be blown away. We're giving them complete control of the project - right down to the final track list." The album is due to be unveiled this weekend at the MCM Expo in London to an expected audience of 30,000 and fans can anticipate songs from NARUTO, K-ON!, Macross Frontier and Neon Genesis EVANGELION as well as a couple of Bentley's own songs from Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing and TRANS//LATION. For details on how you can attend head to www.londonexpo.com.
13 April 2010 @ 03:44 pm
All the names are on youtube so when you have time, go over and check out their accounts. Also, BJ has a new announcement following the winners of the contest.

Here are the winners:

2nd Place Winners(in no specific order) :
Daniele Narducci
ASSC Studios
The Doodlibop

1st Place Winners(again in no specific order) :
Matthew Pieper
Klayton Schaufler

Honorable Mention:
Lewis Clark

Congratulations everyone who won!

Video Announcement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQU_PbZOSEo&playnext_from=TL&videos=uv3oY4QtHlE&feature=sub

I like his shirt ^^'''
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13 February 2010 @ 04:58 pm
Taken from the BJ Blog

Admittedly, the original rules were a little restricted. The reason you weren’t allowed to use GAME CHARACTERS in your entries was because of the legal complications of them appearing in the official music video.

But there have been SO MANY of you who have protested over this that we have come up with a simple solution…

YOU CAN NOW USE GAME CHARACTERS IN YOUR ENTRIES!! To make this happen we’ve had to cancel production of the official music video so that MORE of you can enter. It’s a small price to pay BUT you can still win the same INCREDIBLE PRIZE BUNDLES! Plus there is an extended deadline to Midnight (GMT) March 5th 2010 for anyone who wants to work on a new entry.

Sing / Lip-sync
Play / Air an instrument
Be as CREATIVE as you can!

You cannot excessively use official artwork
You cannot use game footage
You cannot use official animations (cutscenes, cartoons, anime etc.)

WINNERS will still receive the original prize bundles. Even better in fact… the concept art has been upgraded to a SIGNED CONCEPT ART BOOK from SONIC & SEGA ALL-STARS RACING.

Entries that have already been accepted WILL NOT BE AFFECTED and the original terms and conditions still apply. However, if you want to SUBMIT A NEW ENTRY you can do that too!

YOU HAVE 2 WEEKS LEFT – get creative!!
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26 January 2010 @ 01:50 pm
This should've been posted awhile back.

All you need to do is film yourself performing to Bentley's song "So Much More..." in any way you want. You can sing/lip-sync, dance, play/mime/air an instrument, produce an animation - there's no limit to what you can do!! Upload your clip to a video sharing website (like YouTube) and e-mail the link (attachments will not be accepted) to smmvideocompetition@bentleyjones.com* by February 26th 2010. It's as simple as that!

All details are here!


What are you waiting for? Get to it! ^^