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bentley_jones's Journal

Bentley Jones Community
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1)When you join the Bentley Jones Community, please introduce yourself! As fun as it is to be a lurker, we want to know all about our Bentley Jones fans ^_^.

2)No spamming! That includes anything that doesn't have to do with Bentley Jones. The post will be deleted immediately and you will get a warning. If you still proceed to spam on the community then I will have no choice but to ban you :(.

3)Please respect other members opinions. In life everyone has different opinions and some we won't like, but please don't start fights in the community. Were all here to support Bentley Jones and I'm sure he wouldn't want that either.

4)You may post all sorts of different media about Bentley Jones but please keep it in a friends lock! Multimedia should always be for members only! Please DO NOT post full albums. One or two songs from an album is great but please do not share full things.

5)The final rule is the easiest! Have fun ^_^!
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